“Bold, daring and very talented” - BBC Focus on Africa

Comrade Fatso is one of Zimbabwe’s pioneering creatives. The artist, born as Samm Farai Monro, juggles being a poet, a comedian, a blogger, a new media publisher, a festival director and a creative director. Comrade Fatso currently runs Magamba Network, one of Zimbabwe’s most dynamic organizations that works on the cutting edge of culture, media, activism and innovation. Magamba’s award-winning projects include Shoko Festival, Zimbabwe’s biggest festival of urban culture; KalabashMedia.com, one of the country’s leading youth opinion blogs; and Zambezi News, the hugely popular satirical news show. Through his trailblazing creative work Comrade Fatso has reached millions across the country and beyond.

Comrade Fatso is regarded as one of the leading Zimbabwean spoken word artists. Comrade Fatso and his band, Chabvondoka, have toured globally having carried their revolutionary music to Europe, America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Comrade Fatso is also one of the leading Zimbabwean comedians and satirists having launched one of Harare’s premier stand up comedy events, the Bang Bang Comedy Club, as well as being the creator and one of the main actors in the hit satire show, Zambezi News. Comrade Fatso headlined the hugely popular ‘51%’ & ‘75%’ stand up comedy shows in 2013 & 2014 respectively at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA).

Meanwhile the satirical news show that Comrade Fatso co-created, Zambezi News, has become a global sensation in 2015 having made headlines on Amanpour (CNN), BBC Focus on Africa, Channel 4 (UK) & The Guardian (UK). Zambezi News is a witty and brave parody of the relentless propaganda churned out by the state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and the satirical show has reached millions of viewers across Zimbabwe and the continent. Comrade Fatso and his Zambezi News team have been invited to take their comedy on tour around the world including the UK, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Mauritius and Swaziland.